Madeleine Cranfill, CEO

Madeleine Cranfill is a sensualist: She doesn’t wear a dress, she experiences it. “Silk is woven metamorphosis. Its effects are pure light. When you wear Thai silk, the result is magnetism,” Madeleine shares.  For a quarter century, the CEO and founder of Marisa Baratelli has paid tribute to the ancient artisanal craft of silk weaving by maintaining the purity of the traditional village methods in the design of timeless women’s fashion. Madeleine felt called upon to uphold the traditions of Thai silk production when she first visited the country. “I couldn’t resist its magnetic energy. Everywhere I went in Thailand, the colors would speak to me. I felt like I needed to do my part to carry on the legacy of this magical textile,” she says. 

 Three decades ago, she was inspired by the time and dedication each piece of silk required. Her intuitive sense of style combined with a talent for working with color, Cranfill designed her first line of evening separates for a private clientele in Southern California. In just a few years, Marisa Baratelli became one of the top Thai silk fashion companies globally expanding with a successful line of custom order blouses and jackets offered in a full range of colors, prints and plaids, giving the customer a hand at their own color creative impulse and needs. Within each of the fifty collections, you will find luminescent colors that demand attention, create elegant drama, and define glamor. 

 Marisa Baratelli continues to grow and respond to a changing marketplace with an ever expanding range of products now offering an online custom order shopping experience. However, Madeleine's initial vision to carry on the tradition of hand woven Thai silk and inspire through vibrant color, remains.  "The energy of our fabrics is tangible. Thai silk is the only product that allows for such dramatic color. Any woman who wears one of our pieces, from our resort blouses, to a custom made mother of the bride gown, will make an unforgettable entrance.”

 Madeleine, a breast cancer survivor, is an outspoken supporter of cancer research and Marisa Baratelli frequently participates in fashion shows and events supporting breast cancer charities. Cranfill supports trade between the United States and Thailand through global business, charity, and by nurturing hundreds of friendships she has made through her countless travels to The Land of Smiles.

Marisa Baratelli-Young, Creative Director

Marisa Baratelli’s namesake and creative director for fifteen years, Marisa Baratelli-Young joined the company after inheriting her mother's passion for Thai culture and designing with Thai silk. From a young age, through university in Asia, and continuing today, Marisa found a connection between the vibrant colors and magical properties of hand woven Thai silk. In her early 20s, she moved to Bangkok to develop a deeper understanding of the craft as well as to act as a liaison with the business in America.

Marisa’s love for Thai culture steadily evolved. She immersed herself into the world of energy arts and history. Coupled with the inspiration she receives from creating colorful special occasion and resort wear collections, Marisa developed her own practice of yoga, qigong and meditation, YOQI ™, and became an expert on Thai Spirit Houses, collaborating with artists and lecturing at museums across Asia. Marisa currently divides her time between homes in the two cities of angels, Bangkok and Los Angeles.

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